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January 2015





7th Maryland
Annual  Meeting

 The 7th MD Annual Meeting scheduled for today, Saturday, January 24, 2015, 
at 11 a.m., will proceed as scheduled.

The meeting is ON.

The MD State Highway reports that most roads are just wet, but temps are generally coldest just before sunrise, so please exercise caution. By your travel time, all roads should be just wet. The bulk of the precipitation will be out of the area by noon.

We're looking forward to a great season ahead.
See you there.
As always, prospective members are welcome, too!



  If you're interested in getting started
in Civil War reenacting
please plan to attend the drill day and meet the company.
Learn the drill, live the life.

 It's still not too late to
join us for the 1864 "season"!

Click on the link at left to see the 7th Maryland in action during the 149th Battle of Funkstown event!
(Video courtesy of Craig Shipp)


February 2015







In Memoriam

Stephen H. Bush

December 29, 1964 – October 27, 2014


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